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Compact and Powerful Bug Finder

BugHunter Professional CR-01 is a credit card sized bug detector with a rechargeable battery and an easy to use interface. With a wide frequency range of 10 to 3500 MHz and an unprecedented dynamic range of 70 dB, it is designed to detect digital or analog audio and video recording devices as well as cell phone jammers, Wi-Fi, and active cell phones.

An active filter helps eliminate background signals and minimize interference from cell phone towers and radio signals. It can operate in
analog mode for constant signal searching, digital mode for impulse transmitters, and security mode that will signal only when new sources of radio signals appear in the room.

What Makes it Better

BugHunter products are designed and made in Russia by experts in counter-espionage. Their range of bug detectors are superior in design and production.


  • Credit card size compact design
  • Built in filters blocks background signals minimizing interference
  • Effective range between 16-164 feet
  • Detects analog and digital bugs by switching modes
  • Coverts entire frequency range of most bugs from 10 to 3500 MHz
  • Built-in battery with USB charging

How It Works

BugHunter Professional has a simple design. A power switch on the side turns the unit on. You can switch between analog and digital detection by pressing the operation mode button. You can also switch between sound modes by pressing the sound mode button. The frequency level indicator has a sensor panel that you can slide up or down to increase or decrease the sensitivity.

BugHunter Professional can detect a wider dynamic range compared to similar devices. It has a range of 70 dB which is essential in situations that have both powerful signals such as cell phones and weak signals which is typical of most bugs. This helps you find bugs despite “noisy” conditions.

BugHunter Professional Works Up to 164 Feet Away

Operating Modes

BugHunter Professional can operate in analog or digital detection mode and can operate in different sound modes including muting sound entirely.

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