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Professional Grade Bug Finder

BugHunter Expert BH-03 is our most advanced bug detecting device. This anti-spy device has both visual and audio indicators. BugHunter Expert will detect radio frequency signals from 10 to 3500 MHz and can find both analog and digital spy devices. Advanced features like Security Mode allow you to continuously scan for bugs and will alert you if a “bug” appears.

Sound modes allow you to search for analog microphones and can be shown as visual or audio signals. You can also mute audio and video signals to operate the device in stealth mode. The device will vibrate if a bug is detected. All these features and more make BugHunter Expert the most advanced bug detector on the market.

What Makes it Better

BugHunter products are designed and made in Russia by experts in counter-espionage. Their range of bug detectors are superior in design and production. BugHunter Expert gives you more options to scan for almost any type of bug.


  • Frequency meter detects and displays the frequency of any detected bugs
  • Recognizes GPRS, EDGE, 3G4G, DECT, DECT BASE, BLUETOOTH, and WLAN frequencies
  • Built in noise filtering automatically determins which filters to use in each situation
  • Effective range between 16-164 feet
  • Detects analog and digital bugs simultaneously
  • Advanced visual display as well as audio indicators (includes headphones)
  • Coverts entire frequency range of most bugs from 10 to 3500 MHz

How it Works

BugHunter Expert has an advanced OLED display that graphically shows you signal levels. It displays maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds. Digital bugs will show up in the chart showing maximum values and analog bugs show up in the chart showing averaged values.

Security mode allows you to monitor the situation continuously and will alarm you if a bug or cell phone appears. There are three different sound modes. Feedback mode is used to search hidden microphones operating in analog mode emitting a distinct “whistle” when a microphone’s radio signals are detected. Acoustic mode works with the visual display and emits sound signals the correspond to the detected signal’s strength. The last sound mode is “mute” that allows you to scan using the visual indicator without making any noise. When signals are detected, the device will vibrate as well as show the signal on the visual indicator.

BugHunter Expert can detect a wider dynamic range compared to similar devices. It has a range of 70 dB which is essential in situations that have both powerful signals such as cell phones and weak signals which is typical of most bugs. This helps you find bugs despite “noisy” conditions.

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