Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder
Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder
Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder
Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder
Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder

Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder

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Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder

Black Vox Air Freshener is a professional grade covert voice activated recorder that is a functional air freshener. It has a super long 1 year standby battery life or 72 hours of recording on one charge, 8 GB of internal storage that can record up to 288 hours, and it looks and smells like a real air freshener so you can hide it in plain sight. These features and more make this the perfect black box recorder for vacation homes, nannies, or just about anywhere.

This high tech surveillance equipment can easily be charged through the 2.5mm jack to USB cord that is included by plugging it into your computer or laptop or a USB wall charger. High quality voice recording from up to 33 feet away means you can capture every conversation.

You can set the time stamp of recordings to your local time using a Windows computer. This way, you will know exactly when each recording took place. Easily listen to or transfer recordings form the 8 GB of internal storage through USB. This product was only available to law enforcement in Europe but is now available to the public in the US. Made in the United Kingdom.

What Makes it Better

USB for Easy Use with Windows or Mac

  • 1 Year Standby Battery Life – Rechargeable internal battery means your recorder can be in standby mode for over 12 months and recording time of up to 72 hours
  • 288 Hours of Digital Voice Recording Capacity with an Internal 8 GB Drive – Recordings are saved as MP3 files on the recorder: plug into a computer to listen to, copy, or delete recordings
  • Voice Activated Audio Recording from up to 33 Feet Away – High quality mic allows for clear conversation recordings from far away
  • It’s a functional air freshener and includes a vial of air freshener oil


  • Easy to Operate – Charge through USB, click the switch to activate, apply air freshener oil, listen to recordings on your computer
  • Confidence – You can be confident that it is on and recording
  • Covert – Put it anywhere you might put an air freshener
  • Voice Activated – Records conversations from up to 33 feet away
  • Discreet LED light shows for 2 seconds to indicate you’ve properly activated the recorder
  • Built-in Battery – Charges automatically when plugged into a USB wall charger or computer with a 1 year standby battery life
  • No Special Software Required – Works on Windows or Mac computers (Windows is required to set the time-stamp)

The Black Vox Air Freshener voice activated recorder was designed for long term deployment. It will last over 12 months on one charge in standby mode and will record up to 72 hours of recordings on one charge.


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Mac
  • USB Port