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CDRF: Basic Bug Detector

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When we think of surveillance, we don’t always consider the idea that someone else might be watching us. Whether you are at home, work, or in your vehicle, a surveillance device may be recording and filming you at this very moment. Wouldn’t you like to find these covert devices and put a stop all those their prying eyes?


The Basic Bug Detector is the counter surveillance device for you! This unit detects frequencies from 50MHz to 6.0GHz. It even has a built-in sensitivity adjustment allowing you to detect both strong and weak signal strengths. Once you it on, the device immediately begins scanning. Using the vibration mode or the included earphones, those around you won’t be able to hear the detection alarm while you sweep for bugs. The 2 AAA batteries allows for up to 4 hours of use at a time. The next time you suspect that someone is watching you, let the basic bug detector work for you.



  • Detecting the frequencies within 50MHz–6.0GHz
  • Monitor (1MHz–470MHz)
  • Mobile phone monitor(500MHz–2500MHz)
  • Telephone monitor (50MHz–460MHz)
  • Digital monitor (900MHz–1900MHz)
  • Car monitor (500MHz–1900MHz)
  • Car tracker (900MHz–1900MHz)
  • Pinhole camera (700MHz–5800MHz)
  • Encrypted camera (2400MHz–5800MHz)
  • Alert mode 1: 4 indicator lights and "DiDi" voice
  • Alert mode 2: Vibration and indicator lights
  • Alert mode 3: Silent indicator lights and earphone
  • No-voice vibration induction. As long as (130MHz–1900MHz)
  • Wiring radiated source induction let it detect secretly in any special (4000MHz–6000MHz) location



  • Frequency: 50 MHz - 6 GHz
  • Lower Frequency: 0 ~ 120 MHz
  • Higher Frequency: 149 MHz ~ 400 MHz
  • GSM: 900 MHz ~ 1900 MHz
  • Detectable Image Frequency: 200 MHz ~ 2400 MHz
  • Microwave Frequency: 2400 MHz ~ 6 GHz
  • Working Voltage: 3V (AAA x 2)
  • Working Current: Caution 8mA
  • Vibration: 70mA
  • Sensitivity: Max 10 meters Depends on output of Transmitter Detected
  • Power Consumption: 2 AAA batteries Up to 4 hours continuous use
  • Color: Bright Silver
  • Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 50g Gross
  • Weight 100g



  • 1 x Basic Bug Detector
  • 1 x Set of Earbuds
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet