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HCBulb: LED and Night Vision Light Bulb Camera*

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You are a store owner, and you want to monitor traffic in and out of your front door. You've never had any problems with theft or dishonesty, you just want to see what kind of people come in your store, who leaves empty handed, and how you can better market your products to your intended customer base. The HCBulb is the perfect device to help you on your mission. You will be able to watch customer behavior with no interference because this camera looks exactly like a light bulb. Let the HCBulb help you become better in business today. 


The HCBulb is a genius combination of regular LED light bulb and security light thanks to its built in camera and automatic night vision. Put in a MicroSD card and screw it in to any standard light bulb socket and this device immediately starts recording everything it sees. The included simple remote control makes controlling the bright LED lighting easy from anywhere in the room so not only does this bulb have a hidden camera, but it's an improvement on all other lighting that does not have a remote control.


Multiple settings and controls. The included software program makes it easy to change the time and date recording resolution recording overwrite as well as the recording mode.


Efficient use of storage. The HCBulb has fantastic video compression and recording methods that keep the video file size down making it possible to record and store large amounts of video. On motion detection mode the video records only when there is movement. In the constant recording mode the video is constantly recording but the frame rate is slowed down when there is no movement in order to save as much space as possible. When motion is detected in this mode the frame rate goes back to full speed.


Removable memory. Retrieve footage with easy to use removable MicroSD card storage. The HCBulb can take up to a MicroSD card. With its special recording modes it can store a full 4 days of video even if you have 12 full hours of constant movement. Less movement means more video can be stored up to a full week.




  • Motion-detecting camera
  • Night vision
  • Adjustable settings
  • Auto exposure control (white balance and sharpness)
  • Auto-rewrite memory option
  • LED bulb (40 Watt equivalent) 
  • Built-in MicroSD card slot
  • Excellent video compression


Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480 @ 12fps VGA; 352 x 288 @ 12fps CIF
  • Video Format: 3GP
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Storage: MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 7 days of video storage on (varies depending on amount of motion)
  • Motion Detection Distance: Up to 26 ft.
  • Night Vision Distance: Up to 50 ft.
  • Dimensions: 3" - 1.25" x 4.25" 
  • Weight: 4.4 oz 



  • 1 x LED and Night Vision Light Bulb Camera
  • 1 x Light Extension
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x MicroSD USB adapter
  • 1 x Software Disc*
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet


Compatible With

  • *Windows 7 ONLY - Software
  • Windows up to Win8 - MicroSD Card Playback
  • Mac